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Live Hockey Scores

Schmidt Scoreboard fetches live hockey scores, showing everything going on in the league all the time. Check when games start, track scores and powerplays. Schmidt Scoreboard can focus on your favorite team so that you never miss a moment.

Live Baseball Scores

Switch to baseball mode to catch every game. See every ball, strike, and out across the entire league.

Live Golf Standings

Keep an eye on the leaders for every tournament.

Live Basketball Scores

Schmidt Scoreboard can display live scores from both professional and college basketball, so you never miss a minute of every game.

Live Football Scores

For both college and professional football, Schmidt Scoreboard will keep you up to date on all the latest scores.


Whether it's the offseason or a global pandemic and there are no games on, Scoreboard can show a digital clock or an image of your choice! Your scoreboard can automatically switch to the clock or power down when there are no important games playing.

Scoreboard App

The Schmidt Scoreboard App for iOS and Android lets you set up a Scoreboard, select your favorite teams, change modes, or turn your Scoreboard off and on from anywhere in your house.

Buy or Build Your Own

Due to parts shortages, I'm not actively building any Scoreboards. If you want to get on the waitlist to purchase a Scoreboard for $250, email me at

If you'd prefer to Do It Yourself, great news: Schmidt Scoreboard is fully open-source under a GNU Public License. All the code is extensible and open, so you can make your Schmidt Scoreboard and customize it to do whatever you want. You can find more info here

Background & History

For Valentine’s Day 2019, I used this excellent open source guide to make an MLB Scoreboard for my St. Louis sports fanatic wife. While she loves the Cardinals, her one true love is the St. Louis Blues. So, when she asked if there was any way I could get her scoreboard to show hockey in addition to baseball, I gave it a shot. She loved it, and asked if this was something I could possibly make and sell to other people. What started as a quick weekend project turned into a year long learning experience pulling in all my software engineering skills.

To turn this into a real product, I would have to make it mom and dad friendly—no need to solder anything, no need to configure things, update packages, or anything remotely technical. I needed to 3D print an enclosure, wire up a button, and write thousands of lines of code to support the onboarding process.

This was a great learning opportunity for me—I learned how to use Flutter to make a cross platform controller app, how to use AWS and GraphQL to host a Scoreboard API, and put dozens of other skills to the test to make a final product that I’m very proud of.

Big thank yous to: